I believe I was graded incorrectly. How can I appeal a grade?

Issue: I believe my assignment was graded incorrectly, either due to a misunderstanding or because the peer grader couldn’t open the assignment. How can I get my grade corrected or appealed?

Solution: There are two methods for this. The first is to request additional peer graders and the second is to appeal to the instructor.

Request additional peer graders

On Coursera, if peer graders disagree, it attempts to average their grades, but if you have multiple graders that agree and one that disagrees, the software will give you the grade from the graders who agree. So the first option is to request more graders grade your assignment. Each course has a specific discussion forum named Peer Review Requests for requesting additional graders on your assignmen. If you go to the discussions section and open that forum, it provides instructions on how to request additional graders.

Request the instructor grade your assignment

We’re also working on a method to appeal directly to the instructor. If you’re already in communication with the instructor, then you need to send the instructor the shareable link to your assignment. This is not the link to or any link off of the site. It’s a link directly to your grading page and you can find out how to get that here in the section “I don’t have enough peer reviews”. That section, despite not being applicable by name, has the instructions for obtaining the shareable link to your assignment that the instructor needs to give you a grade. We need you to share this link with us because we don’t have access to look up students by name or any other status. This is by design, and while it’s unfortunate for ease of grading, it’s good for your privacy.